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Coming Soon

Well I’m back, as you can see we have a new look to the site, I ditched Blogger for WordPress. I’m will be reviewing one book a week at this point. I’m hoping to have my first review up on Friday and have one up every Friday after that.

This Friday’s books is going to be METAtropolis: Green Space. This is the 3rd book in this series, I truly enjoyed the first 2 book and I hope the 3rd lives up to the earlier books.

As always I’m looking for suggestions for new books to review.

The Death of an iPod

Well after over 36 months with 40 to 60 hours a week of use, my iPod has died. I am switching to my iPhone. So far the iPhone battery is holding up ok. But, I still really miss my iPod classic.

Welcome to the Sound of Paper

You have just discovered the newest place on the web for Audiobook reviews. I have a library of over 500 book and would love to share my thoughts with you. I usually get 2 to 3 books read a week.